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Hey everybody! How’s your week going? I’m currently producing a pro-bono video at work for a community arts center that highlights all the awesome work they are doing in the community. It’s so inspiring to hear stories of intergenerational families who have dived head first into an area outside of their comfort zone and coming out with a tie to the community, a fresh perspective, new skills, and an appreciation for the arts. As someone who isn’t the most artistic person, but does have a love for them, it warms my heart that so many are incorporating art into their daily lives. Speaking of incorporating art into your life, my mother in law recommended the art history podcast ‘The Art History Babes’ to me and I thought I’d share with you too.

If you’re in the reading mood, here are some of my favorite articles and fun stuff I found on the internet in the past couple weeks…

Kindness is a skill.

Two congresswomen showing everyone how bipartisanship is done.

Found this article by Ashley C. Ford so eye-opening- Class Anxiety: When you live a different life than your parents.

Mind blowing trick to better homemade pizza? Cook in a cast-iron skillet!

Does Taylor Swift read my blog?! (LOL) Her own 30 lessons before 30 is an excellent read.

With so much noise in the news about the economy, this article spoke to my belief system of what our societal goals should be. “We must not lose sight of what economic policy is all about: allowing people to lead dignified lives.” And to piggy back on that idea, Stockton, CA is experimenting with a guaranteed income right now. I’m so curious to see what comes of it.

My new favorite face scrub. Affordable, clean beauty at Target and makes my skin tingle!

This article on women investing in female-led companies was so inspiring. I can’t wait to see more!

Made me laugh- but also brilliant!

Austin is pining for this state of the art coffee thermos from Amazon. Very sleek.

Can’t wait to wear these sandals! They look so high end and are comfortable! I bought in brown and black!

The story of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder for now defunct Theranos, is fascinating. Can’t wait to read Bad Blood and listen to the podcast, The Drop Out.

This personal essay by Emilia Clarke (from Game of Thrones!) about suffering from two brain aneurysms is incredible! What a survivor!

How to Navigate a Special Needs Encounter with kids. Lovely. Brilliant.

Cannot wait for my ice roller to arrive! The easiest and most soothing way to de-puff and life your face in the morning. Adding this into my morning routine, asap!

A hard but necessary pill we all need to swallow: Intellectual Humility, aka the importance of knowing you might be wrong.

Austin made this “crack” pie for my office Pi Day celebration and it came in 2nd place! SOOO good!

Websites like GoFundMe raise millions of dollars (250,000 medical campaigns a year) every year to help alleviate the personal cost of medical bills, but the value of the care patients get from family and friends is worth billions. The financial and emotional burden of caregivers is an area of healthcare that is rarely discussed. It’s a growing trend and one that has become an unofficial healthcare system of it’s own.

This April Fools joke made me laugh.

Also, check out my new SHOP page! Linking up all my favorites from clothes, home goods, books, etc. in one place that will updated regularly! Happy shopping!

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