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My Oscar Movie Reviews

My Oscar Movie Reviews

Honestly this wasn’t my favorite year of films. There were several that were good, but I think would not have been contenders if competing in previous years. However, there were some very enjoyable movies and I’m excited to watch the Oscars ceremony as I am every year! The last couple years Austin and I have watched the ‘Live Action Short’ nominees as well. Last year, all five nominees were better than most of the feature length films in our opinion. They were phenomenal and we still talk about them! This years crop was very very dark and basically all the stories could be summed up to “bad parenting”. They were so stressful, but still well done. If you’re interested, a lot of independent theaters show the animated shorts, documentary shorts and live action shorts in preparation for the Oscars. We love checking out these under the radar films!

You’ll notice I didn’t give out any A ratings and just to give you an example of what I consider an A from last year, I’d point to Lady Bird and Get Out being the only As in that group. What makes a movie score an A for me is how much I personally am moved by the story, originality, a super solid screenplay, and a fresh perspective. To be an Oscar contender, the cinematography and editing are always on point, but directorial, writing, and acting choices can vary in my opinion. Obviously, these are subjective reviews and everyone will have a different opinion from me and I love that! Hearing what people like or dislike about movies is so fun for me. Austin and I disagree all the time and sometimes it’s frustrating to me when I LOVE some thing and he just thinks it’s ok. It gets personal to me! But I think I’ve influenced his taste in films over the years. I like to think so anyway!

‘A Star is Born’ - B -

ASIB was great. Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were amazing. The story is iconic and stands the test of time. The music was phenomenal. Back when it first came out, I told everyone that while it was excellent and I recommend everyone seeing it, I personally had problems with some directorial choices. It wasn’t a perfect film, but it was super entertaining and enjoyable.


‘The Wife’ - B

The story is outstanding and Glenn Close is a visionary. Her acting in this film is so internal and it is mesmerizing. Also, her daughter in real life plays her younger self and is so good! Her Golden Globes speech really struck a cord with me and also is a theme of the movie about women’s career choices or lack of choices and feeling fulfilled beyond motherhood. It’s something I’ve thought a lot about personally and may be while I liked the story so much.

MF_The_Wife_261116_Cs19_0625 copy.jpg

Bohemian Rhapsody- C+

Rami Malek is outstanding as Freddy Mercury! The music was so wonderful and made you sing along in your seat. The story was good and while I learned a lot about Queen, I think it was sanitized in a lot of ways and didn’t go as deep as I would have liked. I did like that they went into how they wrote those crazy songs and what each person in the group added to make it their own.


Black Panther - B+

I loved Black Panther! And I don’t even like superhero movies! I thought it was so well done. Wakanda looked amazing, the actors were so compelling, and the special effects were thrilling. I didn’t get bored at all (which is usually what happens with too many fight scenes). It had a lot of heart. I’m so glad it’s getting the recognition and critical acclaim it deserves.


‘Green Book’ - B-

This story is so heartwarming while also being eye-opening and cringeworthy at how the south treated black people in the 1960s (not that long ago!!) It’s a film where you’ll laugh, cry, and ultimately love. I think this will end up being a film shown in schools for a long time to demonstrate how far we’ve come and also how far we haven’t in terms of race relations.


“BlacKKKlansman” - B

This film had a lot of unique elements. The story and feel of the movie felt modern and fresh for a film set in the 70s. The language used in the film is all racially charged and it’s very uncomfortable to hear KKK members talking about Jews and Black so disgustingly. It was hard to listen to at times, but on the flip side there was a lot of humor added into the story which made the overall film enjoyable and not as dark as it could have felt. Denzel Washington’s son is the lead and was so great. It was an original film that is also very important to watch today, as all of these people are still alive.


‘Vice’ - B+

If you liked The Big Short, you’ll like Vice. It’s shot in a stylized and adding humor to serious subjects. Telling true stories in a “I can’t believe I didn’t know about that” fashion is Adam McKay’s specialty. What I expected from this movie was to tell the story of Dick Cheney through the Bush years, but it goes way beyond that and paints a clearer picture of the man before, during, and after that job. If only 5% of the movie is true (I personally believe it’s more than that) it’s still shocking! Christian Bale is unrecognizable as himself and channels his look, mannerisms, and every detail so specifically that it is downright eery!


Honorable mentions that weren’t nominate:

‘On the Basis of Sex’ - B

I loved this movie! RBG is just amazing and she’s accomplished under extremely difficult circumstances. It’s beyond impressive and I love her even more after watching the movie (and the documentary that came out as well!). Also, her husband Marty should win all the husband awards forever. He was amazing and their spunky daughter stole every scene she was in.

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