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My Dream Backyard

My Dream Backyard

Austin and I don't have our own backyard yet, but we have been dreaming of a special outdoor space for entertaining in our dream home. We've picked out four main features that our dream backyard has to have to be perfect for us. If we ever get all of these fantasies in a space of our own, I'll know we've made it! But until then, we keep dreaming...


Squared-off Pool with Wide Stairs and a Thin Tile Perimeter

Squared-off pools really enhance a backyard and add a classic architectural shape than the oval, kidney-shaped, or L-shaped pools that have been around forever. A thin perimeter of tile, brick, or stone leaves more exposed grass, which makes sure the backyard still looks and feels lush than the traditional wide area of concrete that normally surrounds a pool. 

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A Huge Vegetable & Flower Garden

I've always been interested in gardening, especially flowers, and so my dream would be to have an overflowing vegetable garden with organized beds to pick fresh veggies before meals and then also a cutting garden lining the outside to retrieve bouquets each week for my house. Obviously, this would be a lot of work, but this is the dream!

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From the movie It's Complicated, which is clearly #gardengoals

From the movie It's Complicated, which is clearly #gardengoals

White Brick Outdoor Fireplace

What is dreamier than relaxing outside on a cool fall evening with the ones you love sitting close to an outdoor fireplace to warm you up as the sun is setting? Sounds like the perfect evening! I definitely want a couple couches to flank the fireplace, a covered roof to be useable in the rain, and maybe even an outdoor TV above the mantel. 

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A Long Rustic Dining Space under a Canopy of Vines and String Lights

Picture this... a dinner party with friends and family under the starry sky and dangling twinkle lights. The fresh aroma of lit candles on the table and the jasmine vines overhead fill the air and mix with the yummy family-style dinner Austin has prepared for all of us. ;) Sam Cooke is playing in the background under the laughter and heartfelt conversations happening amongst the guests, before the dancing starts. Sounds like the dream right?! That's why it's mine!


What would be in your dream backyard? Let me know in the comments!

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