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Linked Up

Linked Up

 It's been a while since my last Linked Up post so this one is extra big and full of some fascinating articles and videos I've come across recently! 


- Netflix has released several really good, heartwarming, and original films recently. My favorites have been Like Father,  Set It Up, and When We First Met.  

- Wales was one of my favorite places I visited when I studied abroad and I loved reading this article about Parenting in Wales. It like such a dreamy upbringing for a kid! Plus, I LOVE sheep.

- 101 Simple Salads for the Season is such an amazing resource! I can't wait to start checking them off.

- I know fall is around the corner when boots start catching my eye! Loving these, these, and these

- I can't resist a good, old rug. 7 Terms To Know if You're Shopping for a Vintage Rug 

- Loved this article and related to it so much: The Problem With Not Caring About Pop Culture

"Reality TV is often derided, but we shouldn’t underestimate its ability to tell compelling stories of self-acceptance and overcoming prejudice, packaged in audience-friendly Extreme Makeover or Project Runway-style programming...These kinds of TV shows are billed as mindless escapism, but if anything, they’re a mirror. Of course, not every movie, book or song has to launch a revolution. Enjoying something can be enough; if you like it, that’s all the defense it needs."

- The single most important thing you can do for your family: develop a strong family narrative.

135 Amazing Facts for People who Like Amazing Facts

- As someone who has always lived in a small home, I loved these tips on how to make a small space feel bigger

- Jess's Travel Guide to the Amalfi Coast in Italy is amazing- and I'm packing my bags!

- I could not survive this hot and humid summer without this SPF 50 CC Cream and this face powder

- I've been following this series on female ambition that follows one class of 37 women from the same sorority at Northwestern and how their careers have shaken out since they graduated in the 90s.

- I recently discovered a youtube channel called Script to Screen that allows you to follow the script while watching a famous movie scene. It's pretty eye-opening how much an actor brings the words to life and how much improvisation goes into each of these amazing performances. Some favorites have been from Fences, La La Land, Call Me By Your Name (below), and Whiplash (which I saw 3 times in the theater- I love this film so much). 


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My Dream Backyard

My Dream Backyard

Cross Country Road Trip Highlights

Cross Country Road Trip Highlights