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Royal Wedding Prep

Royal Wedding Prep

In honor of the Royal Wedding tomorrow (!) and the fact that Austin and I met in London and visited Windsor Castle together when I studied abroad there, I am ALL IN for this wedding. It'll probably be at least another 20 years (?!) until another one so let's celebrate! It's even more compelling to me this time around because Meghan is an American and living out 10-year-old Abby's dream of becoming a princess someday (didn't we all!?). So tomorrow, I'm waking up at 5 am and watching the entire celebration from start to finish, but before we get to the main event, let's have some fun build up to the day!



What To Watch Before the Wedding

 1) Suits - on Amazon Prime. This may be the very last time we see Meghan Markle act, so watching a few seasons of the USA drama will give you a glimpse at her elegant mannerisms, timeless beauty, and her eloquent brilliance. It's a good show on its own, so definitely tune in at some point!

2) BBC Documentary - Diana, 7 Days - This the only time William and Harry have really opened up on camera about their mother's death. It's a good reminder that on their big day, she will be missing and how that has really shaped Harry's life. 

3) Harry and Meghan: A Royal Romance - on Lifetime. It's the cheesiest movie, but it really does incorporate all of their relationship history as told through real headlines from before they met to their engagement over roast chicken at home. I enjoyed it and after looking up some of the scenes to see if they were real, I was pleasantly shocked to learn that it was all based on true events.



What To Eat While Watching the Wedding

1) Scones! I loved eating scones with clotted cream and jam for breakfast in the "Refectory" at my college in London. I felt so posh, but they are just delicious and are actually more like our biscuits than scones I see in bakeries here in the States. And what they consider "biscuits" are cookies to us, like a Walker's Shortbread- which are Austin's favorite thing. Just some interesting cultural differences! I found a super easy recipe online for homemade scones that I'm going to try. We will see how they turn out! Also need to track down some clotted cream...



2) Drink tea! Of course, A Royal Wedding viewing wouldn't be complete without a spot of tea. Earl Grey is the obvious choice, but any hot tea will do.


Windsor-Castle-881811 2.jpg

When and Where To Tune In

Saturday, May 19 at Windsor Castle

Guests will start to arrive: 4:30 - 6 am ET

The Ceremony: 7 am ET

Carriage Ride Around Windsor: 8 - 9 am ET


NBC & PBS - coverage starts at 4 am ET

E! & ABC- coverage starts at 5 am ET



While You're Watching

So now, you're cozy on the couch in your pajamas, maybe a robe, with your hot tea and a snuggly blanket. This is the perfect time for your own princess beauty prep. Grab a face mask or two (I like to double up, doing a detoxing mask like this one and then follow it with a moisturizing and glow mask like this one. Face masks used to feel like such a luxury, but having just gone to Target where I saw a whole wall of face masks for about $2 each- I think they are officially part of mainstream skin care. If you want to take it one step further, do a hair mask for the ultimate hair rejuvenation.  If you're going to be sitting in front of the TV for hours on a quiet morning, might as well add a couple of self-care practices to make you feel your best self. Maybe I'll add in an at-home mani-pedi while I'm at it. Why not try Essie's Ballet Slippers - the color Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day, and so did I!

So after your fully caught up in your Harry and Meghan research and have your plate of hot tea and scones ready to eat, savor the festivities knowing that all the pomp and circumstance won't be enjoyed for many years and who knows, we may never get another of our very own, an American, joining the Royal family, but only time will tell! 

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