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December Details

December Details

…and it’s December! The last 5 months have flown by at an alarming speed. When Austin first moved out to Portland for the fall soccer season I dreaded the thought of the months feeling so long and slow without him here. I’ve been surprised that I’ve kept myself pretty busy and this season of life is almost behind us! Thanksgiving was such a tease of spending so much time with my nieces. Those days are few and far between these days as we all live so far apart but I’m looking forward to more snuggles at Christmas! We have so much to look forward to this month. Celebrating Christmas with our families in Rockford and Kentucky and ringing in the new year in Utah will offer some much needed quality time we’ve been craving.

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December Goals:

  1. Take a cookie decorating class with friends.

  2. Somehow pack efficiently for 2 weeks away in Kentucky, northern Illinois, and Utah.

  3. Go cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and take a downhill ski lesson. (possibly dog-sledding?)

  4. Channel my hygge life aka sit by a fire as much as possible and drink a hot beverage under a cozy blanket.

  5. Get my Christmas shopping done in record time and ship them so I don’t have to schlep them through the airport!

Happy Holidays friends!

Nonfiction Page-turners that Make Great Gifts

Nonfiction Page-turners that Make Great Gifts