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Classes I've Taken Recently

Classes I've Taken Recently

A group of my friends in Raleigh have started getting together once a month to take a fun class. We’ve been finding classes through Skillpop which allows small businesses to host their own classes. It’s been so fun to learn a new skill - or learn what I’m terrible at (calligraphy!)- and it’s been something to look forward to every month and a great way to spend time with friends!

Flower Arranging

Floral arranging was probably my favorite. I love flowers and love making mini arrangements at home. I feel like it was also a skill I could put to use the most as I always am picking up flowers from Trader Joe’s! We learned tricks about how many fillers vs bigger blooms and smaller blooms make the perfect arrangement and how to take care of your flowers so that they last longer than a couple days! We did a lower arrangement which I hadn’t tried before and I actually really loved it. It would look so good on a mantel or a dining room table so that it didn’t block any sitting across from each other.


Watercolor Floral Painting

Watercolor is what I most looked forward too. My grandmother was a painter and so I’ve always hoped that I would have some natural talent. It seems like such a relaxing and cheerful hobby. I really did enjoy the class and what I took way from it was that there are tricks that you can learn -it’s not all natural talent to be decent. And it takes a lot of practice! I hope to learn more painting tips and continue this hobby as a creative outlet.



I was horrible at calligraphy! I was cracking up the entire class because my friends were so good naturally and I was just terrible. I don’t have the best handwriting (but it’s not horrible either!) but you really form the letters differently and I couldn’t get out of my natural instinct. It was really more like drawing than writing- it’s a whole different form than cursive (and I write in a lot of cursive as my everyday handwriting.) I was so impressed with my friends though so I was determined to get better. I even bought a book to help me practice when I got home from the class. There’s definitely an art to it and if you’re pretty good, you can totally make a whole business out of it! Definitely something to learn if you are interested!


Cookie Decorating

Cookie decorating was our Christmas class and it was way harder than I thought it would be. We didn’t even make the cookies or the frosting! There were tricks to “flooding" the cookie and now to correct mistakes. The teachers were all self taught and they made amazing designs! I was so impressed. They ended up quitting their teaching jobs and going full time decorating cookies. It’s pretty amazing, but they were crazy busy as it was about a week before Christmas.


Do you have any hobbies or classes you want to take? Any suggestions? Let me know!

January Intentions

January Intentions

Winter in Park City, Utah

Winter in Park City, Utah