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Nonfiction Page-turners that Make Great Gifts

Nonfiction Page-turners that Make Great Gifts

I love both fiction and nonfiction, but I find nonfiction easier to buy for other people because real people and stories are more universally relatable. While I’ve recently been in a fiction phase (particularly cozy, romantic novels) but I always come back to a powerful memoir or self-help book that expands my worldview and inspires me to live a richer life. There are always people on your Christmas list that are difficult to buy for but what is better than a book that could change their life?

Here are a few of my favorites that make excellent gifts this holiday season for anyone on your list…

Thirst by Scott Harrison

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I’ve been a fan of the philanthropy charity: water for 10 years now and I wrote my senior thesis on the company and founder, raised over $6,000 and funded my own water project in Ethiopia, and then worked closely with them while living in New York City as a chosen member on their volunteer board. The story is incredible of Scott’s life journey from NYC club promoter to building water projects that now give millions of people around the world life-changing access to clean water. Scott is a visionary and I’m so glad this story is being told in book form.

Braving The Wilderness by Brene Brown

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You can’t go wrong with any book by Brene Brown. Her books are life changing and a must read for every person. Braving The Wilderness is an especially crucial read for the world that we live in and how we are straying from communities that nourish us and uphold our shared values which in turn is creating isolation and loneliness.

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain

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This would be a great and poignant time to give Bourdain’s first book as a gift to anyone who has worked in a restaurant at some point in their lives, loves to travel, loves cooking, or loves his TV show. That pretty much covers everyone! It’s a fascinating read and his personality jumps off the page and shows how authentic and unique of a personality he really was.

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

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Austin and I loved this audio book. She’s a tough self made person who is not afraid to highlight her missteps and celebrate her success in her career and personal life. There are a lot of takeaway life lessons and inspiring ideas that she tells in a memoir meets self-help package. Many chapters will light a fire under you and many will pull at your heartstrings and others will make you gasp and laugh. It’s truly got something for everyone.

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

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Basically this book is a kick in the pants. Whatever part of your life you feel is the weakest, Jen has some experience and foresight for you and some tips and tools on how to make the most of your situation. Very universal and even some common sense that we all need reminding of, she is earnest and inspiring and self deprecating enough to have her wisdom stick with you for a while.

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December Details

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