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Spring Reading List

Spring Reading List

The past couple of months I've been able to knock out a lot of books thanks to my new discovery of audio books! I've downloaded the app Hoopla and with my public library card I can check out a lot of free audio books. They make the perfect companion on road trips and so far, I've only listened to "self help" type books with the author reading their books.  Listening to these books felt like listening to a longer podcast and it made me more engaged. Austin also listened to these books with me and he really enjoyed them and they made really good conversation starters for us on our road trips to Charleston and Greenville, SC.

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Crazy Rich Asians

This novel is very entertaining and fun! I'm really looking forward to the movie version of the book coming out this summer! 

Premise: Rachel visits her boyfriend Nick's home in Singapore to attend a friend's wedding and little does she know he is a part of one of the top 10 wealthiest families in Asia and the prestige that comes with that title creates some family conflicts!

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The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

This novel was really good and juicy! Set in Old Hollywood, it's glamorous, fun, and deep with some good twists that made it a quick and enjoyable read! Evelyn is modeled after Marilyn Monroe and there is some good character development throughout the book. Would make a  juicy beach read!

Premise: Evelyn Hugo was born with stunning good looks that made her quickly rise to Hollywood fame. The story traces through her entire life, acting career, and her approach to different relationships throughout her life.

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So You've Been Publicly Shamed

This book is really fascinating and thought-provoking. It centers around the phenomenon of public shaming on the internet. Ronson interviews practitioners of the shaming and the (debatable) "victims" of it. It really looks at the consequences of shaming as a means of social control and how we are all affected by this construct. It's worth reading if you spend any time on the internet- which clearly, you do!

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You are a Badass (audio)

Austin and I got so much out of this book! It's really good at boosting your confidence and realizing that the keys to greatness are already inside of you and up to you. It's very real and down to earth and especially listening to Jen read the book herself, you feel more connected to what she is saying. It's not corny like a lot of self help books, but it is personable and 

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Girl, Wash your Face (audio)

Austin and I really enjoyed this book and 100% reccomend it! Rachel is an entrepreneur and has had a really interesting life story that is very inspiring. Her stories are relatable and aspirational in a lot of ways and very real. She doesn't sugar coat anything and shares some hard truths of her life, while helping you learn from her mistakes.

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Of Mess and Moxie (audio)

I love Jen Hatmaker and am always impressed by her writing. She is hysterical while being poignant and thought-provoking. Listening to her read this book was a delight because she adds many asides and stories that aren't in the book!

What have you been reading (or listening to!) lately?! I'm on my next book search!

June Goals

June Goals

36 Hours in Charleston

36 Hours in Charleston