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Loved reading this story about Mark Bustos, a high end hairdresser, who spends his spare time giving free haircuts to the homeless people throughout the NYC area.

Ever since the beginning of summer, we've found too many spiders in our bedroom and bathroom! They are mainly daddy-longlegs, but I'd rather sleep with peace of mind! I found this organic peppermint spray that keeps spiders and other critters away! 

It's summer people and why not combine two of my passions: gelato and coffee, in this beautiful Italian creation called an AFFOGATO!

After writing our Summer Reading post, I read this article  "22 ambassadors recommend their one book to read before visiting their country". I've read a few, but now I have a list to work off of before my next trip!

This article explores how Instagram has and continues to change the way restaurants are designed.

This article from Bon Appétit about why we eat eggs for breakfast was pretty fascinating! Who knew there was so much to learn about the history of breakfast?

As a soccer coach by profession, it was awesome to see how this women's team in Spain decided to enter the men's division...AND WON!

Kiwis are one of my favorite fruits, but they are so hard to peel that I hardly ever eat them! I loved our breakfasts in Italy because we had a serving platter of fresh cut all-you-can-eat kiwis every morning and I was in heaven! But this article throws the idea of peeling kiwis out the window and now I'm a convert. If you still don't like the skin, just buy one of these or this

Nothing like an infamous and unsolved art heist to captivate your attention. Enter Arthur Brand, the man hired to solve the 1990 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum robbery and recover its $500 million of stolen art.

One of my favorite blogs, Cup of Jo, has started her Motherhood Around the World series again this summer. Austin and I have been reading them for years and I learn so much about different cultures parenting styles from the point of view of Americans that have moved abroad. They are always enlightening, hopeful, and thought provoking and really show that there are so many ways to raise children! 



Banner Photo: © Hemző Károly (1928-2012) / via Fényezred
Our Travel Necessities

Our Travel Necessities

Charcuterie Dinner

Charcuterie Dinner