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Our Travel Necessities

Our Travel Necessities

Abby's Picks:

Madewell Transport Tote

This is my Mary Poppins bag! It holds my laptop, books, make up, etc. while still being light and flexible. And the leather looks better with age!

Away Luggage

We own a carry-on and medium sized and could not rave about them more. They are lightweight, durable, sleek, and have a lifetime warranty! The carry-on also has a built in phone charger!



Le Pliage Nylon Weekender 

Perfect for a weekend trip, you'll have this bag forever! It is sturdy, easily cleaned, water proof, and holds a ton of stuff. It also folds up so small that you can throw it in another bag and use it later if you buy too much and need to get it home!

Marks and Graham Leather Travel Pouch

Don't let the word "pouch" fool you, this bag is plenty big to use as my daily and travel make up bag. It's so pretty and makes me feel more chic when I pull it out of my suitcase and when it is sitting on my shelf in the bathroom at home. 

Old Navy Crossbody Bag


A small crossbody bag is a must when traveling to hold your wallet, phone, passport, and other essentials. This crossbody style will deter pickpockets and keep you light and hands free. It will also fit inside your bigger tote when flying. 

Cozy Socks

Packing cozy socks for the plane is a must for me on a long flight. My feet are always cold, but on planes comfy socks are an extra cozy indulgence that makes being cramped for hours a little more enjoyable. 

Universal Travel Charger & Adapter

This Universal charger works in every outlet in the world. I've had some in the past that have all but caught on fire and have had such success with these. I still wouldn't leave anything charging while you're not in the room just to be safe. Buy a few so you don't have to share! 



Austin's Picks:

Nike Backpack

Whenever I travel, a good backpack is key. I've had many over the course of the years but have found this one to be extremely reliable. Two drink pockets (a perk for me and my need for both coffee and water), an isolated and easy to access laptop pocket, a small front pocket for keys or headphones or smaller items, and plenty of room elsewhere. I like the all black color as well. 

Patagonia Fleece

This is the MOST comfortable fleece ever and I insist everyone take my word for it or head straight to the nearest retailer and give it a try. Abby and I both own multiple colors and they are a must for every adventure. 

Audio-Technica Bluetooth Headphones

Headphones are essential for any trip, especially ones with long flight times. With my brother being the sound engineer that he is, he insisted I try these out and I've absolutely loved them. Bluetooth capable which gets rid of all the wires and built in controls. The sound quality is super clear and a noticeable upgrade from the standard earbuds. They also drowned out any plane noise or screaming babies!

Filson Duffle

When taking a shorter trip and looking to avoid the baggage fees or just driving to the beach or mountains for the weekend, this is a vital belonging. All of Filson's products are high quality and very masculine in nature which I love. It's the manly weekend bag for sure. Also, water repellent and Made in the USA!

Moleskine Notebook

These light weight and soft cover notebooks are perfect for random thoughts, notes, agendas, or the odd game of hangman. They are less cumbersome than the hard cover notebooks Moleskine makes and they are also considerably cheaper. 

Audio Splitter

Now I know I just highlighted the benefits of having bluetooth headphones, but when you're traveling with friends, family, or significant others it is a total benefit to be able to watch the same show or listen to the same music without having to do that annoying lean in and both use one ear bud act. This particular product has 5 ports to split from and the quality remains high.

What are some of your travel must haves?

Let us know in the comments!

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