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Hope you have a relaxing week! Here are a few fun links from around the web… 

Directing is notoriously male dominated- may be one of the most male dominated careers. Only 4 women have ever been nominated for the Oscar in directing. To open up the career for women in TV, NBC has launched a program to hire more female directors.  According to the Directors Guild of America, in the 2015–16 television season women directed 17.1% of episodes so this is an exciting development! 

Whatever the season, it's always a good idea to eat a cheeseburger, a motto I live by on a daily basis. A burger that's certainly in my top five and many people's favorite would have to be Shake Shack. I came across their recipe here. Happy grilling and don't forget the fries!!! Shake Shack also has a cookbook out now, which is dangerously delicious! Buy it here!  

Tesla's Solar Roof Is Actually 20% Cheaper Than a Normal Roof, before you even count the energy savings. Solar Roof is launching with four styles: Tuscan, Slate, Textured, and Smooth, with two of the styles — grey smooth and textured black glass  Welcome to the future! 

As a former violin player, I know "SAY WHAT!", I have a soft spot for the stringed instruments. I discovered 2Cellos while on a random youtube binge and they are awesome, especially their rendition of "Despacito."

Ballerina Misty Copeland puts a 21st-century twist on history's famous ballet works by Edgar Degas. Degas is one of my favorite artists and Copeland's portrayal of his iconic works bring his art to life. If you haven't heard her life story, watch this short video. She is incredibly inspiring. 

Another youtube binge find that combines two of my favorite things, covers and mash ups. Definitely a sucker. Conor Maynard invites a different guest each video to compete in a "Sing Off" combining an array of songs. Nostalgia for sure!

Stacie Flinner's latest stop on her year-long trip around the world has been added to my travel bucket list! Her roadtrip around New Zealand looks and sounds like a dream getaway!

Journaling is one of those fad words that seems to come and go and always elicits some sort of opinion or thought. I seem to collect Moleskin Journals and they seem to never get filled or used with any consistency. However, after reading this article on how some of the greatest minds (Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, etc..) swear by it, I think I'll give it another go.

Still finding deals on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (Sale ends Aug 6!), which is quickly draining my bank account... Got my eye on these: boots, yoga pants, marble serving platter, black coat, Spanx faux leather leggings

Just gonna leave this one here for Abby, wink wink! 35 Recipes to Know Before You're 35


Photo: Edgar Degas, Ballet Rehearsal, 1873



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