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Our Wedding

Our Wedding

February 7, 2015 -- Owensboro, Kentucky

Our wedding day was spectacular. God blessed us with a 65 degree day in February and I could not have been more thrilled! I was most nervous about being able to take pictures outside on the farm since our wedding was in the winter. I had prepared myself to tough it out and even bought nude tights to wear under my dress just in case. I ended up getting hot wearing my grandmother’s fur stole! Our photographers were Lang and Kate Thomas- the most adorable couple and we felt instantly at ease with them. During our first look, I didn’t even think about being photographed, which shows because our pictures are so candid. I cherish those the most because I was so emotional, but didn’t feel shy at all about being in front of the camera like I normally am. I couldn’t have been happier.

~I have to put it out there...I wanted to get married on the beach, but despite that, the day went beautifully. Owensboro , Kentucky had never looked so good! Zero snow and All sunshine! I must also add for the men out there. A great pre wedding activity (while the ladies are doing their thing) is to get a classic straight razor hot shave with your friends. The place we went to provided an array of drinks and it was such a fun afternoon. Definitely worth looking into and many of these old school barber shops are making a comeback. 

Getting married in the church I grew up in, which was also where my parents were married and having our ceremony officiated by my new brother-in-law really made it a family affair. Austin and I served communion to all of our guests, which was a a highlight of the day for me. It was so important to us to have our first act as husband and wife be one of service and it was such a hit with our guests! We still get comments about how touching it was.

~I was super skeptical at first as I thought it would take forever, but it remains one of my fondest memories from that day and one we will both cherish forever. 

Our reception was held on the Ohio river and we dined on Owensboro's world famous barbecue from Moonlite. We created a biscuit bar complete with all of our favorites- sorghum & homemade jams, country ham, pulled pork, mutton, sweet potato casserole, mac n cheese, baked apples, cornbread, and a large display of fruits and cheeses. Our band definitely stole the show as we never had a dull moment out on the dance floor and was filled with guests of all ages!

~The best move I made during the planning (and really the only one I made to be honest) was to request the BBQ, specifically the brisket. Outstanding! Secondly, was the wedding cake. We went non traditional and  chose a coconut cake inspired by one of our favorite Charleston restaurants, Peninsula Grill. This is so so good. You have to try it sometime. It's famous for a reason. For me, you want your wedding to be fun and in order for it to be fun you need it to feel like a party. Insert: Good Food and Drinks, Good People, and a Fantastic Band...Party ON!

I decorated the tables with tall white tapered candles held in gold bases. The long tables were lined with cascading magnolia leaf garlands with white hydrangeas poking through. I picked all the magnolia leaves myself from my grandfather's massive magnolia tree. We picked hundreds if not thousands of leaves and you couldn't even tell any leaves were taken off the tree. On the round tables, we placed varying heights of white hydrangea centerpieces on top of pale grey table linens. We also hung five magnolia leaf chandeliers, which I loved. I also decided to make a seating chart for our reception, just so I could put a magnolia leaf with their name written in gold at their place setting. So many people sent theirs back to me on our first anniversary which was so thoughtful! I'm not going to lie, Owensboro doesn't have many wedding reception venues and we had to work with what we had because where the ceremony took place was important to us as was our February date. The space was not the most beautiful on its own and needed a lot of work, but I'm really proud of how beautiful it turned out and how we transformed the space. Everyone from our town had been to the venue for dance recitals, proms, and other weddings and were blown away that it could look as elegant as it did. I took a lot of pride in that! It wasn't perfect, but I was really happy with how it all got pulled together in 6 short months, while I was living in New York at the time. 

One funny memory that I have that day is that none of the groomsmen or my groom knew how to tie their bowties that I bought them months before our wedding! I reminded them all to watch a youtube video to learn how and sure enough no one did! None were tied right and it was so hilarious to me. My wedding planner was so surprised that I wasn’t upset but amused by this. That's what I get for picking a Midwestern husband I guess!  ;)

~OK, who knew what an ordeal a bowtie was. Point in case why someone invented the slip on bow tie. That person is rich for a reason. There's nothing like waiting until twenty minutes before departure to try and figure this out. No idea it was some version of advanced mathematics. Five grown men all trying to watch internet tutorials on how to achieve this feat. Needless to say, our finished product was a bunch of crooked and disheveled bow ties that looked as if someone had just gotten off a skydiving simulator. Nonetheless, you can't say we weren't authentic. 

It was truly the best day of our lives and I’m so happy to share the pictures we have been cherishing since that day! We are so thankful for the friends and family that came from all over the country- Massachusetts, New York, California, Pennsylvania, Virginia. Chicago, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Wisconsin, Texas, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina,  Arizona, and Wyoming to be there on our special day! Two years later, we still remember it as the best day of our lives so far. After 5 years of dating mostly long distance, we were ready to step into marriage together and start the next chapter of our lives together. 

Church: Settle Memorial United Methodist Church

Reception: RiverPark Center

Catering: Moonlite Barbecue Catering

Florals + Rentals: Sally Barker at Welborns Events

Event Planner: Kelly Delamater at Backyard Soiree

Photographer: Lang Thomas Photography

Band: The Downtown Band out of Nashville

Dress: Watters

Suits + Bowties: J.Crew

Bridesmaids Dresses: Little Borrowed Dress


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