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After picking strawberries last weekend we definitely need to try this recipe and this recipe

Austin and I grill a lot- like most of our meats every week. After reading this frightening article about the wire bristle cleaning tool, we are buying this one.

With Summer here, it's time to lose the socks and show some ankle and I love me some New Republic Drivers. The company is less than a year old and has great prices for the quality of product. A bunch of styles and colors too. I'm also in need of these swim shorts from Chubbies.

Architectural Digest recently published photos of the artist Claude Monet’s Giverny House, the home where he painted my favorite painting(s) of all time "Water Lilies" (which can be seen at the MusΓ©e de l'Orangerie in Paris) and spent the last 40 years of his life. My favorite color palettes have to be the pink and green exterior and the blue and white kitchen with copper pots, but the yellow dining room is out of this world impressive! You can actually visit his home in Giverny, which I'm adding as a day trip to my next Parisian getaway. 

Abby and I both recently took the free personality test from 16 Personalities. I'm sure everyone has taken dozens of these before, but I love how this one really gives you an in depth description of how your personality type interacts within your life, touching on: career, relationships, parenthood, etc... It also give a couple of historic figures & fictional ones that shared this same Type. As the "Commander" I got Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harrison Ford, and Tony Soprano. Abby got Oprah Winfrey, Jennifer Lawrence, and Isobel Crawley as the "Protagonist."

Disclaimer: this article is very long, but full of amazing tips for making memorable connections while on the job, how to be a respected employer, how to best approach networking when looking for a job, or just general professional relationship tips. "How To Become Insanely Well Connected" will be a resource I know I will come back to again and again. 

Being married to a Kentucky lady, I've had the privilege of trying Grippos BBQ Chips. They are much spicier than your average chip and certainly pack a punch but are SO worth it (I keep milk handy, but I'm also a wuss). These are amazing and not stocked nationally so either get to Kentucky (Ohio also) or order them online. We literally pack them in our carry on luggage.

This article caught my eye! Miranda from Sex and the City is often remembered as the least liked character of the Carrie- Charlotte- Samantha- Miranda foursome. But this was an interesting take that "If Sex and the City Came Out in 2017, Miranda Would Be the Protagonist"-- and I have to say I agree! 

Got sucked into the 90's XM Radio station and got to groovin' to this and this. What a Decade! 

Austin and I have implemented "Charcuterie Sundays" at the Nyquist household (which we will do a post on soon!) This article takes a look at how to make the Spanish tradition of tapas a way of life back home. I haven't been to Spain yet, but based on how we already eat, I think it may be a new favorite destination!  

A truly incredible article about Alex Honnold, who recently became the first person to free solo Yosemite Park's 3000 foot El Capitan wall. NO ROPES, WOW! 

Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue

Snapshots from Rome

Snapshots from Rome