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Jammin to this and this lately. Oh, can't forget this and this too! 

Interesting to read about "The Rock", ahem sorry, Dwayne Johnson for his GQ cover shoot. The man is inspiring, no matter what you perceive his acting chops to be. A hustler through and through and a truly genuine sounding guy. Check out his IG for some out of this world inspiration too. Could he be President "The Rock" Johnson soon?

I really enjoyed The Londoner post about the Bluebell Woods in Norfolk, England. Definitely adding a May trip to the English countryside to my travel bucket list! 

If you haven't seen Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon read "Bad Yelp Reviews" check this one out. "...you were indeed not a man, but rather a LITTLE BOY!" You will soon be hooked. There goes an hour of your life, ha. And if you love Aziz like I do, check out season 2 of Master of None on Netflix. It's better than season 1 and that rarely happens. The first two episodes are shot in Italy and so well done. 

Read Brain on Fire & Superficial: More Adventures from the Andy Cohen Diaries last week. Couldn't be more different, but such fascinating reads. "Brain on Fire" is a memoir about a medical mystery and recapturing identity, while "Superficial" is the Andy Cohen's daily journal of life with his celebrity friends, while being pretty candid and funny. 

The Legend Tony Robbins is at it again with his podcast, this time interviewing the Airbnb founders as they discuss the "Art of Resilience." It's so cool to hear how they launched and failed and relaunched and failed several times, constantly evolving and innovating throughout the process, determined to realize their vision of meeting a vital need. Tune in to the whole thing and listen for minute 42:30... "Finding 100 people that love you is more powerful than 1 million that like you."

This Twitter thread from Bill Gates gave me some hope. Now need to check out his book recommendation. 

Just discovered flipboard (yes yes I know, where have I been?) so I have zero excuse for not being well read. Any magazines or feeds you recommend? I personally use feedly for all of my blog reading and love how streamlined it is. 

Filing this away in the back of my mind...

For the coffee loving Trader Joe's shoppers out there, I'm loving the Kenyan AA

After our next trip to the strawberry patch, I think I'm going to make homemade jam.

If you haven't watched a rerun recently of Seinfeld, stop what you're doing and thank Hulu for the entire collection now being online and available. Kramer has me dying with the whole boxer, brief, commando debate. "I'm out there  Jerry...!" Hands down the most quotable show EVER. Side note, Abby's a newbie and watching them all for the first time. Crazy how many celebrities made cameos back in the early 90's. If Seinfeld had been set in the Midwest made me laugh.



Weekend in Asheville, North Carolina

Weekend in Asheville, North Carolina

Weekend in Savannah, Georgia

Weekend in Savannah, Georgia