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The NOT Clothes Christmas Gift List for Men

The NOT Clothes Christmas Gift List for Men

Now every man can appreciate a good sweater or a new tie or even a great fitting suit, but there comes a point around every birthday or holiday or gift giving event in which he wants literally anything but new clothes, no matter how handsome you say he will look. Ladies, this flattery can only go so far. And thus, a list of ideas for what your man actually wants this year for Christmas. If you gave him an envelope of cash (not a bad thought, for real) these are the things he would be looking at. As a matter of fact he wanted them yesterday, but the holiday will provide a worthwhile excuse to pull the trigger. 


Now Abby keeps trying to tell me that a watch IS clothing, but I beg to differ. Watches are to men what I imagine shoes are to women, a category all their own. And if I had the choice between a turtleneck or a timepiece, it's simply NO contest. Here are some I have my eyes on.


Call me old fashioned (I do have an old soul, or at least I'm told), but there's just something about how an album sounds on vinyl. If you own just one or two records, one of them must be by an artist below (Sam Cooke, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Michael Jackson). All unique, all legendary, all necessary to any respectable collection. 

Food & Drink

Any bourbon/pancake lover will want to get some maple syrup aged in reclaimed Pappy Van Winkle barrels. Pizza is a staple of my diet, obviously, so what better gift than the gift of a portable pizza oven. Jackpot! If you'd rather get one that sets on top of the grill you already own, then here's one for that. All you bikers out there need a a way to transport that six pack (or bottle of wine) while cruising on two wheels, we've got the contraption for you here. Hate cleaning the grill? This device does it automatically. Piece of cake, eh!


Drones drones drones. Enough said! Have you ever wanted to have an impromptu movie night? Well with this pocket size projector, it is now possible. No cords, no hassle, no strings attached with these fitness ear buds. The 21st century has its own version of the classic polaroid camera (for a slightly cheaper option, here's another one). Pose, Snap, Print!


No need to buy multiple kettle bells when this one attaches to any dumbbell you already have (or your gym has). If you're gonna learn to box (and you should) get to punching on this vintage looking bag. No more aching muscles, especially with this electronic foam roller. The pain of rolling your hamstrings just got a whole lot worse! Jumping rope is still a workout fellas. 


Food for thought down here. From icons such as Leonardo da Vinci and Mohammed Ali to thought leaders like Carl Lentz and Simon Sinek. Definitely worth a read.

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