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Happy Sunday! We've had the laziest day today (reading, watching movies and football, and naps!) and after a busy month, we needed it! We wanted to start off this week sharing some of our favorite internet finds over the last couple weeks. Enjoy!


This high school pep rally is on another level! Warden High School's dance team tells the story of The Wizard of Oz through hip hop dance! It's incredible! What a cool high school experience!

My favorite blog is Cup of Jo and they posted possibly one of my favorite posts ever this week on the secret to a happy marriage. It's an interview with an older couple who have dinner together at sunset on the Brooklyn Promenade overlooking the Manhattan skyline. They bring chairs, an ironing board as a table, plates and silverware, steaks, salad, wine and a cheese plate! The tradition has lasted for years and is so simple and so sweet.

Been groovin' all week to this song by Camila Cabello

This article about museum lookalikes had me laughing out loud! Most of the people bear an uncanny resemblance to the subjects of the paintings! It makes you second guess time machines!

Such a thought provoking article on the connection between boredom and increased creativity and how being bored may actually be a good thing!

The film Loving Vincent is out here in Durham and it is the first hand-painted, animated, feature film. Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists (I had a huge print of "Irises" hanging in my bedroom growing up) and his life story told through his paintings being brought to life is unbelievebly impresseive. This behind the scenes look at how they made the film blew my mind and I cannot wait to see this film!!

The New York Magazine celebrated its 50th Anniversary issue and this article on New York City life is phenomenal. From the mini-bios of everyone riding the same subway train to the interviews of people who have lived in the same apartment decades apart, it is so well done and really highlights the amazing and unique experience of living in NYC. 

Arianna Huffington's awesome and continuously inspiring website Thrive Global, has recently released its Fuel List, which lists "20 New Role Models You Need to Know." Not surprisingly BrenΓ© Brown makes the list in addition to 19 other game changers. 

Jimmy Fallon learning that he blew a chance at dating Nicole Kidman is so cringe-worthy and hilarious. I love Jimmy Fallon and while he is constantly laughing I think he is actually so shocked. They both look so embarrassed and it is just hysterical to see two celebrities become so flustered. Nicole Kidman & Jimmy Fallon might be the best couple that never was!

I've always loved cook books. My love of food helps this, but more specifically, I love reading and seeing the creations that others have put together and how their recipes each have a story attached to them. The emotion and detail of how a recipe can place you in a particular time and place is unbelievable. I recently received this one for my birthday and I am ready to hit the kitchen!

Fall Frocks

Fall Frocks

"Dream House" Hunting in Palm Beach

"Dream House" Hunting in Palm Beach